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Writing for Global Public Health is a Course

Writing for Global Public Health


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One week from July 7, 2019 to July 12, 2019

Effectively conveying scientific and complex information is essential for the health of populations.  To better reach audiences, public health writing requires more than proper grammar and copy-editing skills. Successful written communication involves clear organization, appropriate use of language, brutal clarity, and appealing style. Critical is an awareness of purpose and audience. 

Writing for global public health is a particular skill which needs to be developed and practiced.  Most public health students (and professionals) rarely get such essential training.  Regardless, the public health practitioner is often called on to write and reach different audiences.

This intensive writing course focuses on communicating scientific global public health content to a general, but educated public. The course will provide practical skills suitable for students as well as early to mid-career public health professionals, who wish to improve their writing abilities.  

This course is taught by Dr. Dina Borzekowski, the interim director of the Global Health Initiative and a professor at the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Borzekowski’s expertise is in health communication. For nearly three decades, Dr. Borzekowski has worked with students and colleagues effectively communicating complex and technical information to a variety of audiences. Dr. Borzekowski has an enjoyable and personable way with students; she is gentle but concrete in offering advice on better writing. 

In advance of the course, participants will select and conduct preliminary background research on a global public health topic of their choosing. Participants will practice useful exercises and complete structured activities over the one-week course period.  The participants will also produce a 600-800 word piece in English, suitable for general release. Participants should expect to put in minimum of 15 hours of work during the week-long session.  The professor will provide in-depth critical reviews of all submitted materials. 

Who: Students and professionals wishing to improve their public health writing skills. 
What: This is an intensive course that spans five work days. Participants will complete exercises and the professor will provide daily feedback. The goal is to produce a scientifically and linguistically appropriate text (in English), conveying information on a global public health concern. 
Where: This is an online workshop.
When: This course will occur from July 8 through July 12, 2019.  
How: The professor will post new information and tasks daily at 10:00am.  Individualized feedback will be offered to each student by 9:00am the following morning.  
Why: Written communication is critical in communicating global public health, and we all can improve our skills!